Friday, 15 June 2012

About the Blog

Thought it would sound better to first answer "What this blog is NOT for?" before answering "What this blog is for?".

What this blog is NOT for?
X    The blog is NOT for discussing any particular programming language or technology.
X    The blog is NOT for discussing or promoting any tools though you might find some contextual examples.
X    The blog is NOT for providing exclusive list of DOs and DONTs of SDLC but it is about promoting the Goal-Oriented-Process.
What this blog is for?
ü  The blog IS about sharing the knowledge out of practical experiences in the areas of project management, application design, coding and testing.
ü  The blog IS about emphasizing the SDLC principles and practices beyond the book from a practical perspective. The blog does discuss the Agile methodology but it is not exclusive for Agile.
ü  The blog IS for developing the thought process that helps the IT teams to think beyond the code construction in your SDLC cycle – from the estimation to delivery.
ü  The intended audience IS the emerging project managers, teams emerging with new SDLC processes and Testing and Coding engineers to develop an eye for Quality from the real world point of view.
ü  The blog IS mostly based on the lessons learnt from IT services industry but there may be some relevance to product development organizations as well.
To summarize, the blog posts will give you Questions and not Answers.

"Questions help you build up your thought-process whereas Answers solve the immediate problem."

"Question is the starting point for you to know about something."

"You might have got the right answer for your Question, but have you asked the right Question?"

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